Greater Richmond Chorus Quartets

Greater Richmond Chorus is proud to have the following quartets associated with our chorus.  We endorse all of them as excellent singers and entertainers, suitable for any occasion...

Vocal Odyssey

Vocal Odyssey

What’s the most satisfying part of pursuing an avocation?  It’s the journey!  And the four women of Vocal Odyssey  are so glad they’ve embarked on their adventures in song!

Jean Roberts (tenor), Kathy Musselman (lead), Kathy Rector (baritone), and Jan Owen (bass) have sung together as a foursome since 2013. However, collectively they have over 90 years of experience singing in some 15 different a cappella quartets.  All four are active members of the Greater Richmond Chorus.  They love performing almost any time and any place, in the barbershop style.

We hope you’ll enjoy accompanying them, just for a while, on their ongoing Vocal Odyssey!

Vocal Odyssey members...
Lead:Kathy Musselman
Bass:Jan Owen
Baritone:Kathy Rector
Tenor:Jean Roberts
State: VA


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REV'L is a female barbershop quartet made up of four members of the Greater Richmond Chorus in Richmond, VA. REV'L was formed in December of 2014 and competed in their first Regional Contest in March 2015, winning 6th place.  In 2017, they received 2nd place medals in the Region 14 Contest as well as the award for Most Improved Quartet!.  
REV'L members...
Lead:Vera Crouse
Bass:Lennie Geipel
Baritone:Elaine Cozzie
Tenor:Rhonda Girard
State: VA

3 Nice Girls

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3 Nice Girls

Had a bad day? Sing it away!

Stuck in traffic? Boss on your back? Too many birthdays? Plague of flying monkeys carried off your dog?

No worries! We are 3 Nice Girls Quartet and we have a song for that!

3 Nice Girls began singing together in Spring, 2017 and have had so much fun creating the lock and ring of barbershop harmony, we’re hoping to share our passion for singing together with you! We are all members of The Greater Richmond Chorus in Richmond, VA a chapter of Sweet Adelines International.

3 Nice Girls members...
Lead:Trish Mosby
Bass:Wendy Moore
Baritone:Pearl Steinel
Tenor:Kasey Pulley
State: VA

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